Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Consultancy

Our Offer

SATCOM IRL provide consultancy service in various areas of information technology including:

  1. Project management
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Hardware configuration
  4. Hardware selection
  5. Project evaluation
  6. Audio Visuals Deployment

Our Strategic Consulting Offerings includes:

  1. Information Strategy Planning
  2. IT Cost Analysis and ROI
  3. Internet and Legacy Systems Integration
  4. Cyber Security and IT Audit
  5. Capacity Building/Training

Benefits of our Consulting Services:

  1. Clear-cut IT Objectives and implementation Planning
  2. Streamlined operating processes and procedures
  3. Highly efficient and effective workforce
  4. Clear technology planning to keep pace with the competition
  5. Identification and resolution of issues before they impact your business
  6. Recommendations for cost reduction initiatives
  7. Recommendations that will increase responsiveness of your systems.

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