About Us

About us

We measure our success by our ability to quickly and efficiently help telecommunications providers, Public Sectors, broadcasters, governments, Private and Corporate Organization and corporations grow their network and internet traffic; and have assembled a team dedicated to this purpose.

The Company has developed its Management and Technical Personnel to deploy and execute small and large-scale projects across the Country. This is borne from the Company’s policy thrust, which is committed to the development of the individual in order to maximize the benefits of employment.

It is because SatCom Integrated Resources Limited has a pool of transitional human, material and technological resources that makes it capable of assuming total project responsibility and of providing a comprehensive project delivery program which includes design, engineering, logistics, procurements and site support services.

SatCom Integrated Resources LTD therefore seeks to actively develop the highest standards of labor relations and policies in the ICT Industry. We quest to achieve maximum goal in our entire project and put a final touch of professionalism to whatever project we execute.

Why us?

SatCom IRL takes a systems approach to everything we do, from simple products to complex systems, we all try our best to get it right in all our project engagement. Satcom IRL has turned into the source of choice for thousands of customers worldwide by delivering on our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our customer service is here for you with convenient options to meet your support needs such as an Online Help Center and easy to find policies and procedures to assist you through any of your purchases.

What is our working process?

Our process is primarily delivering QoS, Support and Maintenance, Proving 24/7 Help-Desk Support in other to ensure good service delivery that grant satisfaction to our end-users.

How we make things happen?

Our passion centers on customers satisfaction and after sales support, this modus operandi has kept us going consistently without missing the target.

How we work with our clients?

One of our priority is to interact with our end-users on specific project to tailored most suitable and cost effective solution for the benefit of the Users

What are our future plans?

Its our future plan to be reckon with as one of the major Telecommunication companies in Nigeria and the Globe.

Our Skills

Satcom IRL believes in quality. Reliability reduces network outages keeping end users satisfied and saving on ongoing engineering and operational support. Performance maximizes your links performance and potential.

Corporate Vision

It is the Company’s vision to stand tall amongst Indigenous and Multi-National ICT Companies in a few years to come. We want to be a force to be reckoned with in the Telecommunications Industry and we are aggressively pursuing this programme by striving to maintain the best of standards in our project delivery.

Going by the present regime of rapid developmental projects at the three tiers of Government, we are working very hard to make in-roads and secure government patronage and be part of the success story of an enviable infrastructural renaissance in Nigeria and West Africa.

Project Organization

Execution and delivery of well engineered projects in remote site locations is a specialty of SatCom Integrated Resources Limited because it has developed the necessary experience and procedures to be competently self – sufficient.

Subsequently, through an enabling Corporate Structure, SatCom Integrated Resources Limited always welcomes any involvement in engineering and technological works related to Telecommunication Development.


Before we embark on any project, we undertake the feasibility studies to cover the technical possibilities; financial viability/running costs studies, site location and environmental impact assessment in direct comparison with alternative schemes and design approaches and thereafter establish performance criteria for the project.

Our forward-looking approach in the Information and Telecoms Industry embraces the most modern techniques and processes available. We are particularly experienced in the use of industrialized equipment and systems. These are standardized telecommunication components with extensive pre-assembly and pre-fabrication processing under factory conditions.

President’s Speech

My entrepreneurial philosophy is rooted in the belief to capture each day one step at a time. If one doesn’t give one’s best shot today, then one can forget about tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you try and try and try again, and fail. It does matter if you try and fail, and fail to try again. This very principle is what motivated me to advance in academia and entrepreneur, and ultimately led me to the establishment of SatCom IRL and build it into the thriving company it is today.

I am indeed mindful of the many responsibilities as well as the number of challenges that I face. In order for SATCOM IRL to progress to the next level, we at the management level intend to stop at nothing else but to reach the apex of a global telecommunication company to be recon with. It looks more difficult and challenging though but achievable.

My mission is to build a global empire that will take ICT to the next level in Nigeria and globally, as I am inspired taking a peep from Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook and I am largely inspired by the likes of Mike Adenuga of Global Communication not in attitude but achievement as I trend on their paths for becoming global leaders while making positive contributions to society. My ability to work in multi-facets environment is a great factor that has help to coup in my various engagements, merging business with politics and social activist craving for greater Nigeria.

Our Management Team

Time to meet our team of technology and business professionals. Making all the hard decisions keeping the delivery on time

Our Partners

We work with some of the best in the business. Professional services delivered on time.